Because learning in different languages is so much fun!


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High Quality Educational material

All our products are created and designed to help children practice new skills, discover different topics, build new vocabulary in their own language as well as other languages.

You will find each reading book and activity book in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German, to teach academic skills in one language as well as Bilingual form.

Our products will help children with:

- Fine motor skills.

- Focus & concentration.

- Creative thinking.

- Skills in reading and writing process.

- Numerical skills.

- Learn new vocabulary by category.

It's perfect for:

– Elementary Schools, Pre-Schools, Early Learning Centers, Day Cares, Tutoring Centers, Language Institutes for kids, Pediatrician Waiting Rooms and more.

– Educators who teach a second language.

– Parents who want their children to improve their native language skills and learn other languages.


- Teachers and parents can instantly print only the material they need to use at the moment.

- Eliminate the need for children to carry heavy backpacks and/or books.

- Parents can easily print homework assignments for their children.

- You will find each reading book & activity book in 6 different languages.

- High quality, low cost.

About the Characters

Who are they?

Bilingual & Dual Education

Because learning in different languages is so much fun!

Letter of the author

How Mili & Molo was born

Interview with Mónica Mejías (In Spanish)

A little more of our history

– Mili & Molo was born in the year 2000.

– Over 500,000 copies of books were printed (8 titles) by Paradise Press Publishing in 2005, and the books were succesfully sold in the USA (New York & California), México, Puerto Rico and Canada.

– In 2012 the characters image were changed and improved.

– We participated in different community and school events with Mili & Molo’s mascots. Children and parents loved them! We are proud to say that everybody that knows Mili & Molo love their products and characters.

See some of our old photos:

We made donations of our books to different non-profit foundations

- Hispanic Unity of Florida. (USA) Aprox. 7,000 Books / 3,000 memory games.

- Banco del Amor. (Aprox. 150 books for Colombia's children) 

- Lejos pero no ausentes. (Aprox. 500 books and 1,000 memory games for Venezuelan's children).

Some videos and Pictures of our donations

An Adventure of a lifetime!

Around the world